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Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea on an Empty Stomach

A body tune-up. This is how you could summarize the objective of drinking tea on an empty stomach. Why? Because several studies conclude that drinking tea on an empty stomach helps to activate the metabolism, burn fat faster, and naturally provide energy. In short, everything we need to start the day off right.

Specifically, the benefits of fasting matcha tea are the same that we have mentioned and that, in addition, are especially good for those people who start their day doing exercise, but it is also excellent to drink matcha green tea on an empty stomach, in case you are taking intermittent fasting, which has become so fashionable in recent years.

In the following lines, we explain the reasons for drinking a cup of matcha tea on an empty stomach.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Drink Matcha Tea on an Empty Stomach?

On more than one occasion we are asked what is the best time to take the different infusions that you can find in Aromas of Tea and the answer is always the same: it depends on the goal you are pursuing, the type of tea you take and your health or the needs of that day or time.

To the question of why it is good to drink matcha tea on an empty stomach, the answer is very simple. It is the healthiest way to do it and below we tell you about the many benefits of drinking green tea at that time of the day, specifically, drinking matcha tea for your health, all based on studies where the effectiveness of matcha tea on an empty stomach has been proven.

Matcha Tea - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Helps Speed Up Metabolism

It is one of the best-known benefits: drinking matcha tea on an empty stomach accelerates the metabolism, which helps you lose weight because it is a natural fat burner. If you want to lose weight, you should definitely try it.

What does this mean? It is not only a tea with properties that serve as a natural slimming agent, but it also helps you to lose weight. For this reason, it is highly recommended for slimming diets.

And, here it is important to highlight among the benefits of matcha tea for metabolism that, in addition to natural fat burning, helps eliminate toxins from the body, which, in turn, facilitates the loss of kilos.

Helps Iron Absorption

It has always been discussed whether green tea allows proper absorption of iron and the reality is that there is nothing wrong to take green tea continuously, as long as you do not have certain diseases, such as low levels of iron in the blood or if you are pregnant.

In addition, if you have around you, children or elderly people, it is better not to offer it or, if you do, do it between meals, but not immediately before or after meals.

Therefore, matcha tea helps to better absorb iron as long as it is taken at the times mentioned above and as long as there are no health or age problems such as those we have discussed.

Matcha Tea Strengthens the Immune System

It Takes Advantage of All the Nutrients of Tea

It is one of the benefits of matcha tea that we like the most: being made with the tea leaves themselves and consuming those leaves directly because they are crushed and that is what you take (something we do not do with any other infusion), all the nutrients of matcha tea you take them.

This allows better absorption of the nutrients of the tea, highlighting the large amount of vitamins and minerals that this infusion has, especially when we take it with hot water, which is when we can get all the flavor of this drink.

It Is Energizing

Yes, matcha tea is energizing and that is why it is perfect to start the day fasting and so take all the positive effects of drinking cups of green tea, in particular, matcha tea to have energy in a natural way.

This is another reason why, if you are an athlete, it is better to drink it before exercising so you can increase your body’s dopamine levels; take it with you to hydrate while you do it and finish it afterward to recharge your body with vitamins and minerals.

In short: prepare a thermos with matcha tea, very hot so you can drink it and distribute it as we have just told you. Surely you will notice a before and after.

Other Teas to Drink on an Empty Stomach

Beyond matcha tea, we also want to talk about the benefits of drinking other teas on an empty stomach, so that you can benefit from their properties.

Oolong tea to cleanse your body; red tea to start the day in a good mood, as well as other varieties of green tea or white tea are other teas that we recommend you take before breakfast, but we will focus on green tea and white tea.

How to use Green Tea For Skin Care

Green tea

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach is perfect to recharge your body thanks to its antioxidant properties and, therefore, we will be helping our body to reduce the possibility of suffering diseases related to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative health, among others. As you can see, the benefits of green tea are unbeatable.

White tea

On the other hand, drinking white tea on an empty stomach, also known as beauty tea, will help you take care of your skin and make it look more beautiful. In this way, you will take care of yourself on the inside, but also on the outside.

We say goodbye, but remember that if you want to drink matcha green tea and take advantage of its benefits before breakfast is an excellent time.

Do not forget that in our store you can buy matcha tea of the highest quality.

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