Yellow Elder Tea - All You Need to Know

Yellow Elder Tea: All You Need to Know

Native to the Americas, we present you with a medicinal plant with multiple benefits for our health.

We are talking about the yellow elder, also known as Tecoma stans, a shrub with flowers in the form of small yellow trumpets and elongated fruits in the form of capsules.

Generally, it is a plant that is often used to treat digestive problems, respiratory ailments, and even gynecological disorders, given its content based on more than 50 chemical components.

Do you want to know more about its active principles? Then, be sure to read the following it’s never not tea time article.

Yellow Elder Tea

On this occasion, we present you the medicinal properties of yellow elder, a plant that will help you overcome serious diseases such as diabetes.

Yellow Elder Origin

Although used throughout South America, yellow elder is a wild plant native to Mexico, as well as Texas.

It grows in warm and mostly dry or very dry climates and grows around the edge of some roadsides that you will find in tropical, thorny, mesophilic mountain forests or tropical deciduous and evergreen rainforests.

It has yellow leaves and flowers in the form of small bells that are grouped in beautiful and showy clusters, attracting attention.

On the other hand, it has fruits in the form of elongated capsules, where the seeds are contained.

Medicinal Properties of Yellow Elder

As we have pointed out before, the yellow elder is a plant that has 56 different chemical components, both in the leaves and in the flowers, so it has more than 54 different medicinal uses. But if yellow elder stands out for something, it is for its great anti-diabetic action.

Medicinal Properties of Yellow Elder

On the other hand, yellow elder is a diuretic plant, perfect to help in fluid retention, it helps expel intestinal worms and, therefore, is perfect for treating digestive ailments; finally, it has analgesic properties, so it acts as a painkiller and intense sedative.

Health Benefits of Yellow Elder Tea

If there is one thing that makes yellow elder tea stand out, it is its use and specific approach against diabetes, one of the most frequent and serious diseases that affect many people.

It acts like glibenclamide, a very similar allopathic medicine, but in the case of yellow elder without side effects.

This fact has been scientifically proven since it has been proven that thanks to the leaves of yellow elder, glycemia decreases, which makes it a good method to combat diabetes.

The yellow elder has many other applications such as digestive problems ranging from stomach aches, gastritis, indigestion, or bad digestion to disorders such as anorexia – because it increases appetite – or diseases such as heartburn or intestinal problems. On the other hand, it is also useful to treat liver problems and toothaches.

After its great stomach applications, we cannot forget the use of yellow elder on the skin, for example, to cure skin diseases such as smallpox, for sores, or to reduce the symptoms of urticaria.

Health Benefits of Yellow Elder Tea

Another medicinal application of yellow elder is in the nervous system. Its calming effect serves to relax nervous disorders, as well as anxiety attacks. In addition, its analgesic power helps to reduce the inflammation of bruises, as well as to purify the blood. Yellow elder tea also helps to reduce fever or fever symptoms.

It is worth mentioning that among its applications, the consumption of yellow elder tea will help reduce asthma and cough, and, if you suffer from anemia, its diuretic power will help eliminate excess uric acid.

Last but not least, yellow elder tea will help you fight gynecological problems such as the regulation of menstruation. It is also used to combat syphilis and even as an aid during childbirth, thanks to its sedative and calming power.

How to Take Yellow Elder

To feel all the medicinal power and benefit from all the properties of yellow elder, you can consume it through infusions, made from the leaves, branches or stems, and even flowers or roots.

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