Green Tea For Skin Care

Theine-Free Teas

For health or for other personal reasons, some people prefer teas without theine, which allows them to take a cup at the time they want since they contain neither theine nor caffeine.

If this is your case, stay because we are going to tell you what are the teas without theine that exist in the market and, above all, what are the best teas without theine that you can find in our online store. Let’s get started!

What Is Theine?

If you are wondering what is theine, let us tell you that it is a natural stimulant, theanine, which is present in the tea plant, Camelina Sinensis.

Is it only present in tea? No, the reality is that it is found in all those energy drinks that we have at our disposal, such as mate or guarana, among others.

But are we talking about theine or caffeine? This is another recurring question when we talk about this natural substance that stimulates the nervous system.

In this case, we are talking about theine, but, in essence, it is the same as caffeine, only that the properties of both substances make the effects different. Caffeine has a much faster effect, but is less lasting, while theanine is slower, but lasts longer.

In either case, one of their health benefits is that they provide energy in a natural way, but… Is this the only way? No, there are also energizing herbs that do not contain theine, but that do provide this property to our organism.

Nettle Root Tea for Lowering Blood Sugar

Energizing Teas Without Theine

Now we are going to review a list of energizing teas without theine and we are going to analyze their properties and benefits. In this way, depending on the characteristics that we mention, as well as your needs and tastes, you will be able to choose those energizing teas that best suit you, in our online store.

Theine-Free Chai Tea

If you want to buy chai tea, you should know that the original chai tea is made with black tea, which does contain theine. However, you can also prepare chai tea without theine and changing the black tea for rooibos.

Because of the basic ingredients with which it is made (anise, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves), this chai can be taken with a splash of milk and turned into a chai latte, which is very fashionable among young people and in large coffee companies.


Drinking a rooibos tea infusion for the first time is a real experience, since no one expects that a so-called “tea” and red in color, is going to have such a pleasant sweet taste. You can buy rooibos made with top quality ingredients to enjoy the best flavor.

Properties and Benefits of Green Tea

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Like any green tea, decaffeinated green tea provides a large amount of antioxidants, this being one of the main benefits of it, but not the only one for what is consumed, since if something is known green tea is for its slimming properties. Do not stay with the desire to buy green tea of the highest quality.

The flavor of decaffeinated green tea is preserved to perfection and is still perfect for skin care, as well as to help the body eliminate toxins. We have the best selection of decaffeinated teas, you can’t miss it.

It is also said to help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancer.

Peppermint Tea

It is the typical natural infusion that everyone asks for in a bar after a copious meal, for its digestive properties. We are talking about peppermint tea.

Like other plants, mint tea is included in the list of medicinal plants due to the different properties associated with it, such as improving energy, reducing halitosis, etc.

Ginger Infusion

Ginger tea is one of the must-haves in the list of herbal teas that everyone should have at home.

Among other benefits, ginger tea helps fight cardiovascular diseases and is also included in the list of infusions for weight loss, as it helps to activate the metabolism and burn fat naturally.

Chamomile Tea

A classic if ever there was one, chamomile tea is the most demanded cup of tea in catering, for all the benefits it brings to our health.

Like other medicinal plants, chamomile tea helps strengthen the immune system and combat fluid retention.

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