Tea for Lung Cleansing: Plants and Roots to Take Care of Your Respiratory Tract

Tea for Lung Cleansing: Plants and Roots to Take Care of Your Respiratory Tract

In addition to giving better flavor to food, many aromatic plants and roots have medicinal properties, and the best thing is that they are easy to plant at home, since they require minimal care, little water, adapt to pots and almost any climate.

So, in this time of contingency when many people will be spending time at home during colder weather in the winter months, a great idea is to start a herb garden or plant some species for your lung-cleansing infusions.


Ginger Tea for Lung Cleansing

It is a stellar ingredient of Asian gastronomy and one of the most used in the ancestral herbalism of that continent. It is a root with a very strong flavor that can be grown with relative ease in home gardens.

The most common way to take it as an aid in any treatment to relieve the respiratory tract is in infusion since it has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Consuming it in our daily diet benefits the immune system.

It can also be eaten raw in thin slices or cured with sugar.


Oregano Tea for Lung Cleansing

It is used all over the world, but is perhaps most famous in Italian cuisine, with dishes such as spaghetti, pizzas or mixed with olive oil.

What few know about oregano is that if consumed in infusions it is good for treating respiratory diseases or stomach infections, since it has antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Peppermint Tea for Lung Cleansing

Its smell is unmistakable, so it is widely used to make perfumes and sweets. It is also a condiment for meats and soups, but its most frequent use is in tea as a digestive.

It has antiseptic properties, relieves pain, irritation and relieves inflammation, so it is used to soothe both the discomfort of flu and respiratory diseases.


Rosemary Tea for Lung Cleansing

In addition to giving a pleasant smell to the home, rosemary leaves give a good flavor to fish and grilled meats.

In tea, it helps against respiratory diseases, ulcers and stomach pains.

All of these herbs are more effective when used dried in infusion and are especially recommended for smokers or people trying to quit cigarettes.

Two cups per day of any of these infusions will help you cleanse your lungs and breathe easily.

You can prepare infusions from each one of them or mix a couple of them for a more intense flavor.

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