Teas in New Zealand

Tea Culture in New Zealand

Believe it or not, New Zealand is one of the highest tea-consuming countries worldwide with 2,63 lb of tea per capita per year.

English Breakfast is the preferred tea in New Zealand, consumed by 31% of the population.

The next favorite teas of New Zealanders are Black, Green, and Earl Grey, while chamomile is the last one on the list.

History of Tea in New Zealand

History of Tea in New Zealand

Although the tea-drinking tradition in New Zealand started quite late in the 19th century, the country has developed its own tea growing farms and tea rituals that are strongly influenced by the Brits.

When the colonizers brought tea to the islands, it didn’t take too long until the good word spread among the nation and tea became the leading breakfast beverage.

Afternoon tea evolved on a higher level here, including elegant settings, finger sandwiches, and delicious sweets.

Tea Culture in New Zealand

New Zealanders drink tea from nice porcelain cups. Loose-leaf teas are a must if hosting a tea party.

Tea leaves are added to the pot and poured over with hot water. Offering a couple of tea varieties to the guests is a must. Choose between green, black, or white variants.

The host is the one who fills up the cups and hands them over to each guest, starting from the left.

Tea in New Zealand

The teacups are filled only two-thirds. Milk, sugar, and lemon are optional.

New Zealand tea culture always involves snacks and sweet treats.

A crucial thing here is for the guests to feel comfortable and nurtured, tasting the flavorful magic of a proper New Zealand tea afternoon.

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