Tea Culture in Bhutan

Tea Culture in Bhutan

Bhutanese drink dozens of small cups of tea per capita per day.

Bhutan has low tea production which barely reaches 1322 lb per year, therefore they import tea from China.

The most consumed tea in Bhutan is Black tea.

History of Tea in Bhutan

It was only in the 1900s when Darjeeling seeds arrived in Bhutan as a gift to the King.

Although the cultivation never expanded nationwide, the same plantation still exists, providing small loose-leaf tea production.

Tea in Bhutan, however, is one of the most popular beverages, especially the famous Butter tea.

Tea Culture in Bhutan

The Himalayan Kingdom of Buthan has a rich tea culture and they especially love to drink Black tea with milk and butter, known as the Bhutan Butter Tea.

They use yak butter to prepare the Butter tea, adding it to strong Black tea and a fair amount of sugar.

The name of the yak butter is Suja. Bhutanese drink this tea in the morning, but also throughout the day, as well as at special gatherings, weddings, and other celebrations.

Butter tea is served in a phob, a wooden cup, starting from the oldest to the youngest guest.

When drinking this tea, people blow gently into the cup to move the butter aside and then sip slowly.

As they enjoy multiple refills, there is always a little bit of butter left for the next round.

Besides Darjeeling, Bhutanese also import Assam tea which is also used to prepare Butter tea.

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